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You don’t need to be a technology expert to run an online business. Digital.com does the research for you, comparing the best products, services, and software to start or grow your small business website or online store. 

We clarify your options as you choose the right services to run your business, saving you time and money. Digital.com stands out because our team of researchers, writers, and experts have experience running online businesses and using software to meet their business goals. Learn more about our methodology.

Expert Consultants

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Burkay Alpyildiz

Experience Designer / Business Counselor

Burkay Alpyildiz focuses on international business and experience design. Designing products and solutions that address industry problems is his main competency. Some clients he worked with include Diesel, Hugo Boss, P&G, Unilever, MARS, Nokia, etc.

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Dennis Consorte

Small Business and Startup Marketing Consultant and Expert

Dennis Consorte has 20 years of experience as a digital marketer and sold his first e-commerce business in 2004. He works as a marketing consultant helping SMBs and startups drive traffic, conversion, and retention. Dennis enjoys turning stagnant companies into successful businesses.

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Huy Nguyen

Digital Marketing Executive

Huy Nguyen is a successful growth marketer with experience in digital marketing, online business development, and Amazon marketplace operations. He’s held executive management positions in industry-leading organizations from startups to the Fortune 100.


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AJ Dellinger

Data Reporter

AJ Dellinger is a freelance writer and editor based in Wisconsin. He has a decade of experience covering tech, including internet service providers and privacy tools to gizmos and gadgets. You can find his work in Wired, Gizmodo, CNET, and Mashable.

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Akshat Biyani

Business Analyst

Akshat Biyani is based in London, UK. After completing his finance degree, Akshat worked as an analyst for several venture-backed startups. His writing focuses on tech, business, and finance, and you’ll find his work on Airbnb, Upwork, and GoStudent.

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Alex McOmie

Content Marketing Specialist

Alex McOmie lives in New York City with his girlfriend and cat and has covered tech and digital marketing since 2017. You can find his writing on TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, ITProPortal.

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Amy Nichol Smith

Content Marketing Manager

Amy Nichol Smith is an experienced journalist, tech expert, and content director. She covers various topics and industries, including retail, tech, and marketing. You’ll see her featured in the L.A. Times, Forbes, Tom’s Guide, and Reader’s Digest.

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Charlon Muscat

Web Hosting Reviewer

Charlon Muscat is a digital nomad who took advantage of the remote work trend of recent years to develop his freelancing career. He writes about web hosting platforms and brands in the digital marketing, tech, and iGaming industries. His expertise includes web hosting product reviews,…

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Christina Levandowski

Digital Marketing Agency Owner

Christina Levandowski writes in the SaaS and digital marketing space and works with SMBs to Indeed.com. She also enjoys being an entrepreneur while pursuing investment opportunities in her spare time. Christina attended Arizona State University for a B.S. in Medical Studies.

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Craig Borowski

Former Managing Editor

Craig Borowski is the former managing editor of Digital.com and advises SMBs on IT selection and strategy. His career began ten years before as managing editor for a bilingual magazine, where he learned the value of beginner-friendly explanations.

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Dale Cudmore

Digital Marketing and Sales Expert

Dale Cudmore is a successful online entrepreneur. Dale focuses on actionable marketing strategies and tactics that help small businesses reach more customers and grow revenue.

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Danielle Antosz

Digital Marketing Writer

Danielle Antosz is a writer and editor specializing in digital marketing. Her work is published on leading industry sites, including ClearVoice, Search Engine Journal, and CopyPress.

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Deven Bhagwandin

Digital Advisor

Deven Bhagwandin has a background in Business Admin and Entrepreneurship. He’s worked with startups since 2004, building two small businesses from scratch. His expertise includes B2B content, SEO, and brand guidance.

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Ditsa Keren

Digital Marketing Writer

Ditsa Keren is a tech writer and entrepreneur with over ten years of experience in digital marketing and automation. Ditsa has published articles and tutorials covering cybersecurity, digital marketing, web development, and biotechnology.

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Elmeri Palokangas

E-commerce and Online Marketing Specialist

Elmeri Palokangas is an e-commerce and online marketing specialist with over five years of experience. He has written extensively for some of the most well-respected publications in his field and is always looking for new and upcoming trends.

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Elsier Otachi

E-commerce and Business Strategy Expert

Elsier Otachi is a content writer specializing in B2B SaaS for e-commerce, finance, HR, and retail companies. She has a BCom in Marketing and a background in Communications & New Media. When not writing, she’s hanging out with her family.

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Fionna Agomuoh

Technology Journalist

Fionna Agomuoh covers e-commerce, social media branding, and marketing for small businesses. Fionna’s expertise has been shared on various websites, including Newsweek.com, Lifewire.com, and Techiesupreme.com.

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John Hoffer

Online Marketing Consultant

Jonathan Hoffer is an online marketing professional specializing in SEO. He’s worked extensively with lead gen sites as well as e-commerce. John’s found success in helping several sites grow from 0 monthly visitors to over 100,000 organic users.

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Johnathan Bell

Web Hosting and Site Reliability Engineer

Johnathan Bell has over fifteen years of web hosting experience and currently works as a consultant specializing in Cloud, DevOps, and SRE. He takes a people-first approach to technology. In his free time he’s usually spending time with family or streaming Pokémon.

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Katie Horne

C# Developer

Katie Horne is a C# developer-turned-technical writer. She spends most of her time perfecting developer-oriented documentation for a Seattle-based startup specializing in identity-as-a-service.

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Keren Dinkin

Digital Marketing and E-commerce Writer

Keren worked in digital marketing and e-commerce for seven years before shifting to full-time content writing. You can find her curled up with a book or playing with her dog when not at her desk, creating compelling narratives and sipping on coffee.

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Matt Ressler

Digital Marketing Professional

Matt Ressler specializes in Search Engine Optimization and has experience with marketing for Fortune 1000 companies, banks, CPAs, doctors, and e-commerce businesses. Matt resides in Southern California and enjoys spending time with his family.

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Melissa Whitten

B2B Technology and Digital Writer

Melissa Whitten specializes in B2B technology and digital marketing. She has a BA in English and wrote essays for fun as a kid. When she’s not writing, you can find her hiking in the woods and saying hi to every dog she meets.

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Michael Levanduski

Network Technical Engineer

Michael Levanduski is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience. He advises businesses on web hosting, content management, and data security. Michael’s expertise has been shared on Hostadvice.com, Neweggbusiness.com, and Gogetspace.com.

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Nick Morpus

Analytical Cybersecurity Specialist

Nick Morpus is a cybersecurity specialist with an NCSA/NCSP from NextGenT. He has experience in cyber threat hunting with Wireshark, NMAP, and Kali Linux. He’s also well-versed in cloud and perimeter security, including SASE, Zero Trust, VPNs, firewalls, and SD-WAN.

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Owen Dubiel

Technical Security Engineer

Owen Dubiel has eight years of experience in cyber security, where he works as a Technical Security Engineer and an Architect Instructor. Spreading the word of cyber security is a passion of his. Owen enjoys spending time with his family in his free time.

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Rhiȃn Davies

Human Resources Specialist

Rhiân Davies is a content writer and digital marketing specialist focusing on ecommerce, HR, and recruitment. Her work has appeared on MarTechSeries, HR Technologist, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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Richelle Mayor

Digital Content Specialist

Richelle Mayor writes for the tech world, focusing on IT (information technology) and e-commerce. Richelle checks all facts and statistics to ensure that Digital.com complies with Google’s E-A-T and YMYL guidelines.

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Saphia Lanier

B2B SaaS Writer

Saphia Lanier is a B2B SaaS content writer covering e-commerce and digital marketing and the MarTech tools used to power them. Her work is regularly featured on sites like Zapier, Sprout Social, Shopify, and Freshworks.

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Tony Moles

Brand and Creative Consultant

Tony Moles is a digital creative professional with 25 years in agency leadership roles. He is a multi-time Addy Award winner for his interactive, video, and traditional media work and is the Director of Brand in the Tech sector, overseeing interactive and performance marketing initiatives.

Comparing Services

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